balloon decoration price comparison

There was a call last week from a customer, who wanted a Minnie theme balloon decoration. We asked her to take a look at our photo gallery in our web site

The customer chose one ( the image displayed here) and wanted a quote so that she could compare the prices with other decorators in our city in India

In the image, for the Minnie balloon column, we used ( from top) :
Super shape Minnie Foil balloon
5” Round Black balloons
5” Round Pink Balloons
11” Round Polka dots Pink
9” Round white in middle of polka dot balloons
160Q modelling balloons Pink used as bubble around the centre white balloon
For the hands: 350Q onyx black modelling balloon used, apart from 160Q white modelling balloon, 5” Round white for the gloves
Then below polka skirt, 260Q modeling balloon Pink
260Q modeling balloon Pearl Magenta
10” Round balloon Baby Pink
12” Round balloon Fuchsia

Its impossible for any other local balloon decorator in India to create a similar décor with just the round balloons available in the market. This being so, we wonder how one can compare a good balloon decoration with a substandard one!

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