Balloon decoration training course in India

We at bubbly balloons are happy that our balloon decoration training courses is receiving a positive response from women in India. 

There is a lady who has enrolled in our balloon decoration training course recently. She is from Kota, Rajasthan state, in India and is travelling 2680 kilo meters to reach Bubbly Balloons, located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu! 

This is the 5th female candidate we are training in balloon decoration, hitherto considered as a bastion of male privilege. Its due to many reasons : 1) Women entrepreneurs often face gender-based barriers like matrimonial and cultural practices 2) lack of access to formal finance mechanisms; 3) limited mobility - the safety of female traveller is still a concern in India 4) access to information and networks, etc. 5) a balloon artist known as a ' balloon walla' in Indian parlance is considered as a profession for illiterates and cheap labour. 6) Indian balloon industry is still at its nascent stage 7) last but not the least , most part of the Indian society still does not treat men and women as equal, after thousands of years of male dominance. 

Balloon decorating or twisting or balloon modelling job is one of the most suitable jobs for women,  as the job requires gentle handling like decorating with flowers. 

In our opinion , women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others and also provide society with different solutions to its problems, while becoming economically self-reliant. Women’s entrepreneurship can make a particularly strong contribution to the economic well-being of the family and communities, poverty reduction and women’s empowerment, in a developing country like India. We are happy to see more and more Indian women are joining this industry and engaging in income –generating activities. 

We at bubbly balloons are glad to note that we too are, in a way, contributing to these positive changes in the society. More on us at

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