Fake balloon artists and decorators

We came to know of many fake balloon artists approaching customers with our downloaded face book photos claiming them to be theirs. 

In a recent incident, a balloon decorator has bagged a contract for balloon decoration with Jungle safari theme birthday party, showing our decoration image. This decorator neither had the balloons for the theme nor the knowledge to create the decor. He ended up doing a shabby work.   

We came to know about this incident , recently , when the customer who happened to visit our Facebook page found the same photo shown by the decorator. After coming to know that it was done by us, she  felt she was cheated by this fake decorator. She also regretted that she had paid more for the job compared to our prices. 

We at bubbly balloons carry world class balloon decorator equipments like electric Precision air inflator, Precision Plus Helium regulators , Balloon Bulbs, Balloon exploders etc from Conwin USA, Balloon release and drop nets from Qualatex, Lomey Clear Acrylic Pedestals for table centre piece decorations from Smithers-Oasis, USA, and Windest range of latex balloons and foil balloons and accessories from Gemar Balloons, Italy, Anagram balloons USA and so on ...

With our widest range of balloons and accessories and trained balloon artists ,  we can transform a simple venue to any desired theme.

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