Can a good balloon decoration cost you less?

A customer had approached us for a balloon decoration to celebrate a New born baby boy and he had chosen one of our decoration images. After we quoted our rates, the customer did not confirm the job. 

Later after a week, a local balloon decorator approached us for the "deco bubble balloons" used in the floating arch in the image. He was carrying our image without knowing it belonged to us. He did not even know the name of the product and was asking for 'big white balloons' while the product is known as 'deco bubbles'. 

This enquiry was again for a ' new born baby boy' celebration at the same venue and on the same date!! so we understood that the same customer had approached this decorator. 

First of all this decorator  did not know the name of the product. 

Secondly many decorators do not  even know how to use deco bubbles and modelling balloons . 

Thirdly, these deco bubbles need Helium. This decorator claims that he has Helium suppliers in town who can inflate balloons with Helium. Its a lie. No one else, except us,  uses Helium in balloons, as far as we know. Many in India , use the flammable and explosive Hydrogen gas, to make the balloons float. They illegally use Hydrogen as it costs 1/20th of the cost of Helium!

Fourthly, coming back to the cost part, in the image we have used 8 deco bubbles that costs Rs200 per balloon for the floating arch. Then we have used 10” white, 5” white, 12” polka dot printed balloons , Light Blue modelling balloons ( that comes in 100s bag and costs over Rs450) , white modelling balloons( that again comes in 100s bag and costs Rs450) , Crescent moon foil balloon  ( that costs Rs250 each) , Yep its a boy foil balloon ( Rs175) and a super shape baby foil balloon that costs Rs250 each . 

So we hardly need to point out that its impossible to create  a visually stunning decoration with balloons, at a lesser cost. 

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  1. never compare oranges with apples!

  2. There are ppl to have tea for 10 rs and there are ppl to have tea for 150 rs
    there is market for everyone