How to inflate balloons

How to inflate balloons?

Some people have the natural  knack of blowing up balloons. Many others have difficulty.

Inflate balloons with a balloon pump. Keep balloons away from eyes, face and do not inflate by mouth since the burst of a balloon can cause injury.We  would  suggest our  balloons pumps to inflate balloons.

You may notice the technical details like the Diameter  in centimeters or inches , printed on balloon packs. That indicates the maximum limit. Never fully inflate your balloons.  After inflating 100%, just let a little of air out before you tie a balloon, so that they remain longer; otherwise they may burst unexpectedly.

Never leave the balloons on the floor where there are dust particles that might prick the balloon and burst it . Any balloon, if over-inflated, will burst. The odd balloon will still burst as you blow it up, but even the professional can't avoid this. Bubbly's balloons are made of 100% Rubber Latex, and hence they retain air for a much longer period.

A correctly inflated balloon is shaped like a water drop - not a light bulb (over-inflated) and not round (under-inflated).  Please see the images below:

How to inflate heart balloons?
Hearts, because of it's shape has a weak point( thinner part) in the middle of the 2 curves. In oder to get the most shape out of the heart balloons we always try to over-inflate. Please do not attempt to do it.

How to inflate figure balloons or the Animal Shaped Balloons?
Figure balloons require  some special skills or  technique and some practice to inflate them. The rabbit, mouse, elephant and duck are little more difficult to inflate. Its easy once you 've got the  knack

These balloons were originally created for the street vendors who are very familiar with the product. They normally would have developed  a technique to inflate them with helium. But now these items are also sold in the retail market as well.
The following tips would help you to inflate the figure balloons:

Animal shaped balloons are very strange and are difficult to inflate ; they have heads, ears, and bodies, lacking legs. The multiple diameters make these very tricky to blow up. The smaller areas would have higher internal pressures if they were separate balloons, so they tend to deflate into the larger areas. Getting the ears to inflate on a balloon with this feature can be tricky and it is often best to start by forcing the ears to inflate first. Getting something like a bunny balloon fully inflated is a challenge, since the diameter of the ears is so much less than the diameter of the fat part of the belly. Here are some more tips: 

1. heat up the balloon by rubbing it between your hands
2. inflate the ears by closing the balloons with your hands and directing the air into one ear and then the other will inflate automatically
3. inflate the head
4. inflate the body   
NOTE.: The pressure of an air compressor or helium tank or balloon pump  will help to inflate the balloon;  inflating the figure balloons by mouth  is almost impossible

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