Mass balloon release at SSVM World School, Coimbatore, India

We have recently organised a mass balloon release at SSVM World School , Coimbatore , India on their Sports Day, one of its kind and hitherto unheard of in our country! We do not find words to describe how much the children enjoyed this unique event in brilliant sun shine on the school ground.

Mass balloon releases are fun to watch and are great for making kids happy. Mass balloon releases are a fun, unique expression to showcase the start of an event , a means to highlight a message or an exciting focal point to an event. These are a few reasons why SSVM World School , Coimbatore  , India chose to release balloons on their sports day . While doing so , this great school had taken every effort to inspect and check  whether we followed all rules on mass balloon releases, though its NOT YET a law in our country. And here was how we,at bubbly balloons, followed the school's guidelines religiously: 

1)      We strictly followed all rules on Mass Balloon Releases: we released only latex balloons made of natural rubber, that are 100% bio degradable. All our balloons were self-tied. We took care not to use any attachments, like threads, ribbons to the balloons, that are not bio degradable.
2)       In case of mass balloon releases, the released balloons should be hand-tied,  knotted and contained inside a bag or net before being released en mass. We are the only one in India to own and use  specially made  balloon nets for balloon release.  
3)      We never release foil balloons. Foil balloons are made of a thin , continuous film of metal over nylon and hence they are not bio-degradable. Furthermore, any foil balloon's surface can conduct electricity
4)      We always use Helium to make the balloons float. We never use Hydrogen gas to fill the balloons  as Hydrogen  is highly dangerous as it could burn and cause explosions. Hydrogen is a flammable gas. On the other hand , Helium is a colourless, odorless and tasteless non poisonous, non-flammable, non-toxic naturally occurring and environment friendly gas, that often used to fill balloons to make them fly.  It is also called a noble gas. Hydrogen gas should not be used to make the balloons float  as Hydrogen Gas is very flammable and could cause explosions and hence is very very dangerous. Many in India  use Hydrogen Gas in balloons  as it costs very less. Hydrogen is abundant on Earth and hence cheaper whereas Helium is rare on earth and hence is very very expensive. Use of Hydrogen gas to make the balloons float is so unnecessary and will have serious repercussions.  We hardly need to point out that when it comes to keeping the kids safe,  SSVM school, one of the very best schools in Coimbatore, India, always leads by example and takes extra precautions!  
5)      We carry Conwin’s USA Made Dual speed, Certified Helium regulators to complete the inflation in time.
6)      In short we also have all the right equipment for mass balloon releases and follow the rules!

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What makes a good balloon pump?

Balloons have the magic ability to delight us and are essential for any birthday party. Though balloons are fun and exciting, blowing them up isn't always fun as they require a good set of lungs or a balloon pump.  One should always use a balloon pump to inflate a balloon. Keep balloons away from eyes and face as the bursting of balloon may cause injury and do not try to inflate a balloon by mouth.  

With a huge collection of balloon pumps stacked in stores, particularly with cheap Chinese look-alike fake imports, it is difficult to choose a good quality, durable, less expensive, efficient balloon pump. Here is the guide:

What should you look for while choosing a good quality balloon pump?
1)     A good quality pump must be strong , durable,  but at the same time light weight and easy to carry.
2)      Must fit all types of balloons like modelling balloons, round balloons of different dia meters.
3)      Must inflate faster with less effort
4)      and also be maintenance-free. 

Here is our attempt to evaluate a good balloon pump we found in the market : 

A good quality Hand held Double Action Balloon Pump or Twin Action or 2- ways Balloon Pump also known as Faster Blaster balloon pump is now available in India at amazon . This twin action or 2way balloon pump can be used for inflating modelling or twisting balloons like 260, 350, 646 and also for inflating round balloons (5" to 12"), heart shaped balloons (6" and 12") and any foil balloon. This pump also inflates air mattresses, beach toys etc
This Twin Action, Faster Blaster II balloon pump is made in Sweden, exclusively for Gemar balloons, Italy for their sole official distributor in India - 'bubbly balloons' and is now offered for sale on  It is more efficient than many balloon pumps available in the market as it has dual action.

This balloon pump inflates faster and with less effort because of a unique double action design where they pump air on both the push and pull strokes, which creates an even air flow. That is, the pump Inflates the balloon when you push the pump as well as when you pull the pump- bothways (twin- action), for easy, faster and effortless balloon inflation. The out stroke and in stroke give out air and this balloon pump reduces the back flow of air from the balloon to the pump.

This balloon pump is easy-to-carry, easy -to-use, and is small-sized and with light weight and hence is a good product for young adults or women of smaller build. The pump requires no special skills to operate

These balloon pumps are precision crafted from rugged durable plastic and are compact and light weight, and the nozzle is formed with a snoopy top on the handle to fit most types of balloons of different dia meters and modelling or twisting balloons without any extra adapter. 

This twin action balloon pump has a pump volume of 2 x 0.3dm³

It requires no real maintenance. To get an old pump to function like new, you can, if necessary, add a little oil that you use for preparing food. We have heard of a balloon artist who used the same for over 10 years!

This balloon pump is the same that most balloon decorators and balloon twisters use the world over. It is highly recommended for balloon decorators and also for balloon twisters, as it is durable, portable, easy to use and affordable. Have you gotten yours?

Why good quality products do not find supermarket shelf space on both online and offline stores?

The brands that are showcased in a physical store are often those that offer more margins to the store and not necessarily be a good brand or a quality product. The specialty items found on the top shelf are generally chosen by local store managers based on its profit margin.
Sometime back we approached a famous Dubai based Indian Retail chain stores, headquartered in Bangalore to sell our balloons. we found some cheap quality locally made balloons on their shelves. When we pointed out this to the merchandising manager of the stores, this is what he replied “ we are not bothered about quality , we are only worried about our margins. Customers who walk into our stores always assume that we sell quality products and they blindly buy whatever we offer, assuming that this is the best quality available compared to other stores”. This is true as there is always a misconception that goods sold in big stores are of good quality. When we explained to the merchandising manager that our balloons are made from pure rubber latex, 100% bio degradable, comply with CE European Toy Safety Standards, Tested for hazardous chemicals at SGS TUV SAAR, Germany , he agreed with the quality but simply rejected stating the margin is low’
We then thought we, at bubbly balloons, will be successful selling on online market place like  amazon ,  flipkart, snapdeal and other e stores. Here we learnt a different story. There are thousands of balloons – unbranded or unknown brands that are listed on these market places. No information on where they are made, how they are made or certified. Most of them are self-certified with the words’ best quality’, ‘bio-degradable’, ‘ helium-quality’ and so on.  Here is why the balloons have to be certified:
A Toy is defined as ‘an object for children to play with’. Since balloons too are used by children to play with , balloons are classified  under the category ‘Toys’. Toy safety is the practice of ensuring that toys, are safe, usually through the application of set of safety standards. In many countries, including India, commercial toys must be able to pass safety tests in order to be sold. Many countries model their safety standards on the European Union’s EN 71 standards. The toys have to be tested safe as per the guidelines in accredited laboratories. On the 20.07.2013, the new European toy standard EN 71 part 12:  an amendment of the EN 71 part 3: migration of certain elements came into effect.  Our  balloons made by Gemar balloons, Italy are already tested regarding the new standards and passed. Our balloons have  also successfully passed TUV proof tests in relation to the new standards.
Getting back to what we were saying, when you search for balloons on these online market places, the results show some cheap locally made or Chinese balloons that do not comply with any quality. Then how do they manage to appear on the front pages? 1) The vendors list the products with very high unrelated MRP and then offer a huge discount. Thus highly discounted products are always given prominence in the search result. 2) some vendors manage to get a high customer rating by self - ordering the products among friends and relatives and who then give a 5-star rating for the product. These 5-star rated products always appear on the front pages 3) Your decision to buy based on the displayed image may not be wise, as often the images may not be the actual image , but some  downloaded attractive image from the internet that is remotely related to the product displayed.

It’s a challenge getting a good quality product at least standing shoulder to shoulder on the online marketplace with cheap quality products. The cheaper brands always find more favourable placement, particularly on online market places

water balloon games for kids during summer holidays

With the hot summer days in full swing, we are all looking for new ways to keep our kids active outdoors, while staying cool AND having fun! Pick up some water balloons and try out some of these games for kids of all ages!

New Exciting Water Balloon Games:

1) Water balloon fight - Watch this youtube  video:
( WARNING: Do not throw water balloons on humans or animals. It hurts. Also its illegal to have a water balloon fight) 

2) Water Piñatas- Hang your water balloons and grab a stick!

3) Water Balloon Toss- Stand directly across from your partner. Start off close, and with each successful toss and catch, take a step back. Continue until someone gets wet!

4) Water Balloon 3-Legged Race- Have each racer hold an individual balloon. Whoever wins, gets to throw the unbroken balloons at the opponents of their choice!

5) Water Balloon Catch- Use the belly part of your shirt to throw and catch the balloon.

6) Water Balloon Shot Put- Who can shot put their balloon the furthest?

7) Water Balloon Tag- Whoever is “it,” carries the water balloon. If you get hit and the balloon breaks then… “Tag you’re it!!”

8) Water Balloon Volleyball- 2 teams of 2 people stand holding each end of a towel. Use the towel to catch and throw the water balloon over the net!

9) Water Balloon Darts- Hang up some balloons (the smaller the easier), and see who can hit the target!

10) Water Balloon 500- You need one person to be the thrower and a group of people standing a good distance away to catch. The greater the distance, the older the kids. When throwing the balloon, the thrower announces a number value to the balloon.  If someone catches the balloon, they get the amount that was called out.  Continue this until someone racks up 500 points. To make the game longer, the thrower can call negative numbers. 

stay cool out there!!!

Note: We gratefully acknowledge the  valuable water balloon games suggested by  Kelli Kotowski, Founder President ‘’

Now available in and also other leading online shops

Personalized photo balloon

Now you can greet someone you love with a personalized message / photo on a balloon. 
Here is a personalized 36" Helium Filled Foil Balloon with photo.  All balloons are from Gemar Balloons , Italy and available at
We are the first and only one in India with in-house personalization of foil balloons, using our newly imported Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine from USA!
Happy Birthday, We are Engaged, Just Married, Happy Anniversary, Best Wishes, Congratulations, Welcome, Baby shower....whatever the occasion, its now easier than ever to greet with a personal touch, a special message and with a photo. Who wouldnt love that? Visit us at or call us at +91 98942 98924

Personlize Your Party and Celebrate Big!

Personalize your party! Choose a 36" Foil balloon and Celebrate Big! You will agree that Big balloons create Big Impression!
What's more, everyone loves a greeting with a personal touch!
Here is a personalized 36" Helium Filled Star Foil Balloon with 12" Polka dot printed balloons and 5" white round balloons as the base. All balloons are from Gemar Balloons , Italy and available at
We are the first and only one in India with in-house personalization of foil balloons, using our newly imported Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine from USA!
Happy Birthday, We are Engaged, Just Married, Happy Anniversary, Best Wishes, Congratulations, Welcome, Baby shower....whatever the occasion, its now easier than ever to greet with a personal touch and who wouldnt love that? Visit us at

Balloon Printing

Balloon Printing is done for occasions like birthdays, weddings, new business openings , business anniversary celebrations, product launches, on special occasions by businesses like on Diwali festival, Christmas etc ,  and also by schools & colleges for events and political parties for rallies and electioneering and for many other purposes.

How are Latex balloons imprinted?
Contrary to popular belief, most imprinted Latex balloons manufactured these days are not hand stamped in a deflated condition as they once were! Rather, most are usually imprinted in an inflated state and are either sprayed, offset or screen printed. Inflation gives the proper tension to the surface of the balloon for the ink to successfully transfer. Specialized "balloon friendly" inks must also be used that will penetrate (and adhere) to the surface of the balloon but yet not penetrate completely through the Latex into the interior, causing holes. By the time the balloon is deflated, the ink must be dry in order to prevent offsetting it onto other balloons in close proximity.
An increasingly popular method of printing (but probably the most labour-intensive) is called silk screening. The process of imprinting balloons is a laborious activity. This is why imprinted printed latex balloons are so much more expensive than unprinted balloons to produce. ( Contribution: Balloon HQ website )

Give your brand more visibility with printed balloons:
All companies look for increased turnover and more profits, and one of the ways to achieve this is by making your brand better known. Brand recognition will ensure that clients will be more likely to think of your brand, if they need one of your products. Sometimes, brand recognition only requires a small investment, while at the same time having a long-term impact. Balloon printing requires small investment and will extend your promotion without any extra effort on your part. This is because every person you hand out a printed balloon to will carry your brand around for free! 

Businesses have discovered that logo balloons for marketing produce significant savings and great returns. Giving away a printed balloon with your logo or message is an excellent marketing tool. It’s not just a giveaway, it becomes a walking billboard for your business and best of all your little clients do the footwork to spread your name.

Whether you are a new business trying to increase awareness or established business trying to increase enrollment and client base, we invite you to give our custom balloons a try, you will soon realize you have found a great marketing tool that costs pennies but produces huge returns. 

Why choose bubbly balloons for balloon printing?
We are specialized in Balloon Printing with a Top Quality Silk Screen Printing machine, introduced for the first time in India! Naturally, the balloons will make a real difference, only if your logo or brand name is clearly printed on them. The possiblities to customize a balloon are endless. Any logo , message or advertisement can be imprinted to cover all 5 sides of the balloon or by using 1 upto 8 different print colors . The result : our customers get the best balloons to advertise and customize for any occasion. 
1) shelf life of uninflated balloons- 2 to 3 years ( when stored under ideal conditions)
2) quality of print - very sharp- excellent print details
3) Since made from 100% rubber latex, will retain air for much longer period. ( Made from 100% rubber latex- hence less pores caused on its surface on inflation, which means they stay longer after inflation)
4) Damages : maximum 1%
5) Balloons are made by using advanced automated manufacturing procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality and product stability
6) Balloons are certified for their quality by authorized bodies worldwide.
7) More than 60 brilliant colours
8) Balloons are suitable for long lasting decorations
9) Balloons are equipped with a long neck for easy tie
10) Balloons are suitable for Helium
11) Specialised ' Balloon friendly' certified  ink is used that will penetrate ( and adhere) to the surface of the balloon but yet not penetrate completely through the latex into the interior , causing hole (pores). Hence less damages
12) Printed on automated silk screen printing machines
13) Uniformity  in shape and size
14) uniformity in  printing ( exact positioning of printing area)
15) Uniformity in colour ( colour consistency)
This means that you can be rest assured that your printed balloons will be delivered in top quality. 

The locally made balloons are hand printed and not machine printed  and have the below disadvantages:
1) air retainability is shorter, 2) No quality certifications, 3) More damages likely, 4)  manual silk screen printing, 5) printing will not be sharp, 6)  lack of uniformity in shape and size, 7) printing may not be uniform due to lack of uniformity in size/ shape, 8) lack of consistency of colour, 9) uninflated balloon’s shelf life - maximum 3 months, 10)  fewer colour options, 11)  Not suitable for helium filling, 12)Printing ink does not comply with quality standards