Balloon Printing

Balloon Printing is done for occasions like birthdays, weddings, new business openings , business anniversary celebrations, product launches, on special occasions by businesses like on Diwali festival, Christmas etc ,  and also by schools & colleges for events and political parties for rallies and electioneering and for many other purposes.

How are Latex balloons imprinted?
Contrary to popular belief, most imprinted Latex balloons manufactured these days are not hand stamped in a deflated condition as they once were! Rather, most are usually imprinted in an inflated state and are either sprayed, offset or screen printed. Inflation gives the proper tension to the surface of the balloon for the ink to successfully transfer. Specialized "balloon friendly" inks must also be used that will penetrate (and adhere) to the surface of the balloon but yet not penetrate completely through the Latex into the interior, causing holes. By the time the balloon is deflated, the ink must be dry in order to prevent offsetting it onto other balloons in close proximity.
An increasingly popular method of printing (but probably the most labour-intensive) is called silk screening. The process of imprinting balloons is a laborious activity. This is why imprinted printed latex balloons are so much more expensive than unprinted balloons to produce. ( Contribution: Balloon HQ website )

Give your brand more visibility with printed balloons:
All companies look for increased turnover and more profits, and one of the ways to achieve this is by making your brand better known. Brand recognition will ensure that clients will be more likely to think of your brand, if they need one of your products. Sometimes, brand recognition only requires a small investment, while at the same time having a long-term impact. Balloon printing requires small investment and will extend your promotion without any extra effort on your part. This is because every person you hand out a printed balloon to will carry your brand around for free! 

Businesses have discovered that logo balloons for marketing produce significant savings and great returns. Giving away a printed balloon with your logo or message is an excellent marketing tool. It’s not just a giveaway, it becomes a walking billboard for your business and best of all your little clients do the footwork to spread your name.

Whether you are a new business trying to increase awareness or established business trying to increase enrollment and client base, we invite you to give our custom balloons a try, you will soon realize you have found a great marketing tool that costs pennies but produces huge returns. 

Why choose bubbly balloons for balloon printing?
We are specialized in Balloon Printing with a Top Quality Silk Screen Printing machine, introduced for the first time in India! Naturally, the balloons will make a real difference, only if your logo or brand name is clearly printed on them. The possiblities to customize a balloon are endless. Any logo , message or advertisement can be imprinted to cover all 5 sides of the balloon or by using 1 upto 8 different print colors . The result : our customers get the best balloons to advertise and customize for any occasion. 
1) shelf life of uninflated balloons- 2 to 3 years ( when stored under ideal conditions)
2) quality of print - very sharp- excellent print details
3) Since made from 100% rubber latex, will retain air for much longer period. ( Made from 100% rubber latex- hence less pores caused on its surface on inflation, which means they stay longer after inflation)
4) Damages : maximum 1%
5) Balloons are made by using advanced automated manufacturing procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality and product stability
6) Balloons are certified for their quality by authorized bodies worldwide.
7) More than 60 brilliant colours
8) Balloons are suitable for long lasting decorations
9) Balloons are equipped with a long neck for easy tie
10) Balloons are suitable for Helium
11) Specialised ' Balloon friendly' certified  ink is used that will penetrate ( and adhere) to the surface of the balloon but yet not penetrate completely through the latex into the interior , causing hole (pores). Hence less damages
12) Printed on automated silk screen printing machines
13) Uniformity  in shape and size
14) uniformity in  printing ( exact positioning of printing area)
15) Uniformity in colour ( colour consistency)
This means that you can be rest assured that your printed balloons will be delivered in top quality. 

The locally made balloons are hand printed and not machine printed  and have the below disadvantages:
1) air retainability is shorter, 2) No quality certifications, 3) More damages likely, 4)  manual silk screen printing, 5) printing will not be sharp, 6)  lack of uniformity in shape and size, 7) printing may not be uniform due to lack of uniformity in size/ shape, 8) lack of consistency of colour, 9) uninflated balloon’s shelf life - maximum 3 months, 10)  fewer colour options, 11)  Not suitable for helium filling, 12)Printing ink does not comply with quality standards

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