know your event organizer

KNOW YOUR EVENT MANAGER: you will find our experience interesting:
Bubbly Balloons to customer: " Madam, you have called us regarding your child's birthday party". Customer: " Oh, yes, but i dont have time, you see! Please contact my event manager at 989... "
We went on to call the event organizer. He wanted to know what is the cost for ( decorating with) 200 balloons? we responded by saying that we charge as ‘per design’ basis and not as ‘per balloon’ basis , as we usually use different types, shapes , sizes of balloons and hence difficult to charge ‘per balloon’ basis. To this he said he wanted 3 balloons each on each table floating on ‘Nitrogen Gas’ . We corrected him by responding that balloons will not float with nitrogen gas. To this he said OK, its Hydrogen gas. Once again we corrected him by saying Hydrogen is an explosive , flammable and dangerous gas and one should only use helium to make the balloons float. He rudely responded ‘ its ok, it doent matter what gas you use, I want them to float’ 
We further explained that its necessary for a decorator to know what is the occasion , if it’s a birthday then whether it’s a first birthday or what is the age, whether it’s a boy or a girl , whether the customer has a theme , any color preference etc. I could see my logic was not what he wanted to hear. 

We fail to understand why people flock to such knucklehead event organizers who do not know anything about balloons.
Sometime back we met another event manager. He wanted a balloon arch in front of a restaurant . He asked us how many balloons would be there in an arch and we responded by saying around 250 balloons. While we were chatting, the customer walked in and asked the same question and to this the event organizer, believe us, responded by saying the balloon arch would have about 1000 to 1500 balloons. We made a quick exit and never returned!
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