balloon decoration- look for quality and not quantity

Event on the 6th April at a leading hotel in our City. Occasion is first birthday girl.  Event manager convinced the customer to accept gold and red color balloons , reason he only had gold and red LED lights to make a banner. Note: Its not the customer's choice but the event manager's!!

What has the event manager promised the customer? 4 balloon poles , one arch and 6 sets of Helium bouquets for Rs10000. He said he had great difficulty convincing the customer to accept this budget stating he is going to use imported balloons and the customer expected more number of balloons for this price.

We on our part suggested as shown in the image 

This is how the event manager responded: " dont want all those accents, foil balloons... just make simple columns with only round balloons . Customer doesnt know anything about foil balloons or how incomplete the columns will look without foil balloons... customer expects 'more quantity'  than 'quality' and so just fill more balloons and match it with the budget!" Onceagain I could see my logic was not what he wanted to hear. We at bubbly balloons refused to accept the job as we do not do substandard balloon decoration jobs!   

Onceagain , we wonder why people flock to such knucklehead event managers?

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