Link Balloons

Link Balloons are special balloons which can be tied between each other making decorating fun and easy. The Link balloons come in 30cm dia and also in 16cm dia and are available in pastel/ crystal  and metallic colours. Bubbly Balloons also carry All Around Silk Screen Printed Link Balloons

Our 16cm dia  Link balloons are  new to the market. No need to combine elements of design like line, volume, mass and space to create  designs. No need to be experts! Equipped with perfect technical characteristics and a core high-quality latex, the Gemar Link Balloons™ are completely mouldable by the decorator and are ideal for three-dimensional sculptures, this product is able to satisfy the demands of the most creative decorators. Easy to use, Gemar Link Balloons™ are indicated for the creation of multi-sequences, easy to carry and quick to build.

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