In their desire for quick money a few e shops in India have become completely unscrupulous!

We at bubbly balloons  came across a website - an e shop  in India, operating from Bangalore,  an IT hub of India,   displaying our copyrighted printed balloon images and offering few of our balloons at an unbelievably low,  discounted price. They have fixed  their own Maximum Retail Price ( MRP) for these premium quality balloons, though the MRP is always fixed by the manufacturer or   importer of balloons as per the Standards of Weights and Measures ( Packaged Commoditieds) Rules in India and in this case by us- bubbly balloons, who is the sole importer of these premium quality balloons.

What's more, this site has also copied and used the same description we use in our web site to describe the product.

As far as we can recollect this e shop had never ever purchased any balloons from us and this being so we wonder how they can offer these premium quality balloons for sale to its customers. Here is the link to the page :

To document our proof, we have saved a screen shot of the web page which is displaying our copyrighted  ' Its a Girl' printed balloon with the original MRP Rs125 ( price effective 1st Dec 2013) , shown as Rs150 and the discounted price at Rs99 on this day of 24th December 2013. Our MRP for this product was Rs100 per pack of 10 till 30th Nov 2013 and the price effective 1st Dec 2013 is Rs125 per pack of 10 balloons

In their desire for quick money a few e shops in India have become completely unscrupulous! So all we can say now is  proceed with caution when you are buying online

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